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Suzhou Shengsililai Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.

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Some of our well-known partners (ranked in any order)

1、 In the field of auto parts: BYD, FAW, Volkswagen, Dongfeng, Jianghuai, Wuling, Dayun, Great Wall, Chang'an, Huayu, Electrical Equipment, etc.

2、 In the field of metal processing: Taiwanese-funded Guangyang Chemistry, QuanYacrown, Boss Group, Fontainet Group, Hanshen Science and Technology, Minxin Sheet Metal, etc.

3、 In the field of mechanical and electrical fittings: Long March, Dawn of Precision Spaceflight, Chinese Weapons, Special Transformer, Sunshine Power Supply, Jiyang Science and Technology, Dafu Science and Technology, Xinsong Robot, Siemens Busbar Zhongda Electronics, Xinhua Capital, etc.

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    Mailbox: kssanqi@126.com

    Address: 596 Dongding Road, Bacheng Town, Kunshan City

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