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Machining Technology


Machining technology: refers to the whole process of making the shape, size, relative position and property of the blank into qualified parts by means of mechanical processing according to the drawings and sizes. Machining technology is the work that technicians need to do before processing, so as to avoid processing errors and economic losses in the process of processing.

Specific concepts:

Machining process is the step of manufacturing workpiece or part. The shape, size and surface quality of blank can be changed directly by means of mechanical processing. The process of turning blank into part is called machining process. For example, the processing process of a common part is roughing - finishing - assembly - Inspection - packaging, which is a general process of processing.

Machining technology is to change the shape, size, relative position and nature of the production object on the basis of the process to make it a finished product or semi-finished product. It is every step. Detailed description of each process, for example, as mentioned above, rough processing may include blank manufacturing, grinding and so on. Finishing may be divided into lathes, fitters, milling machines, etc. Each step should be detailed. Fine data, such as how much roughness to achieve, how much tolerance to achieve.

According to the quantity of products, equipment conditions and the quality of workers, technicians determine the process adopted and write the relevant contents into process documents, which are called process regulations. This is more targeted. Every factory may not be the same, because the actual situation is different.

Generally speaking, the technological process is the program, the processing technology is the detailed parameters of each step, and the technological process is the specific processing technology compiled by a factory according to the actual situation.

Machining process flow

Machining process specification is one of the process documents that stipulate the process and operation method of part machining. It is to write the reasonable process and operation method into the process document according to the prescribed form under the specific production conditions, which is used to guide the production after examination and approval. Machining process regulations generally include the following contents: the process route of workpiece processing, the specific content of each process and the equipment and process equipment used, the inspection items and methods of workpiece, cutting parameters, time quota, etc.

Establishment of steps

1) Calculate the annual production program and determine the type of production.

2) Analyse part drawings and product assembly drawings, and process analysis of parts.

3) Choosing blank.

4) Drawing up the technological route.

5) Determine the processing allowance of each process, calculate the process size and tolerance.

6) Determine the equipment and tools, fixtures, measuring tools and auxiliary tools used in each process.

7) Determine cutting parameters and working hours quota.

8) Determine the technical requirements and inspection methods of each main working procedure.

9) Fill in the process documents.

In the process of formulating process regulations, it is often necessary to adjust the contents that have been initially determined in order to improve economic benefits. In the process of implementing process regulations, unprecedented situations may occur, such as changes in production conditions, the introduction of new technologies and processes, the application of new materials and advanced equipment, etc., which require timely revision and improvement of process regulations.


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